Brandy Live @ 02 Academy Bristol 27/6/16

Last night seen one of the biggest RnB concert this year touchdown @ The 02 Academy with international artists, singer, songwriter and actress Brandy, The Slayana In These Streets Tour finally arrived to Bristol, with an arena filled with loyal fans singing to her classics and more recent hits.  She received a great reception from the Bristol crowd as she open with Afrodisiac and from there onwards was a masterclass of music delivery bouncing through hits after hits, What about Us & On Top Of World had to be one of the crowning moment of the night. Almost Doesn’t Count had the crowd singing along to this beautiful ballad and you  could see the emotion in her as well, she paid homage with a medley of Whitney Houston classics. Her rendition of Michael Jackson Human Nature was another example of her ability to do justice of other performers work, the crowd was appreciative of her modern material but the classic got the house rocking. Sitting In My Room, Full Moon, The Boy Is Mine her Grammy Award single with Monica had the crowd dancing off the ceiling, and of course her first single I Wanna Be Down release way back in 1994.

All in all it would be fair to say we bear witness to a seasoned international superstar that hasn’t lost her ability to still sound as equal good, if not even better then when she started her career. Brandy shown that you can still be equally relevant in this day and age with catalogue of hits, if you are at top of your craft dedicated and committed to putting on a good performance for your fans, and last night she proved exactly that.

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