Press release from Bristol City Council: Ujima Update

Press release from Bristol City Council  Issued 10am 15 03 2014

The Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson said: “I have asked officers to intervene in order to ensure that Ujima Radio is back on air as soon as possible. We have asked British Gas, which provides power to 97 Wilder Street, to install individual meters for all tenants so that everyone is responsible for paying for their own power and we anticipate that power will be restored some time around the middle of next week.

“The radio station provides an important service to the local community and I want to ensure that this situation is resolved as quickly as possible so that it can resume service once again.”

The Chair of Ujima Radio cic, Roger Griffith said, “We welcome this bold intervention by the Mayor to ensure our Radio station is back on air. I would also like to thank city councillors from all parties and our many friends who rallied around us in our time of need, from the community, arts and media groups. Finally we would like to pay tribute to our tireless volunteers and loyal listeners for their fantastic support and total dedication to our important cause.

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